Who We Are


Hyde Park Partners: The Parent Company

Hyde Park Partners is the holding company that owns and provides corporate services for Livingston & Haven, MRO Stop and American Engineering Group, Ltd. and now AEG International, LLC. Our desire is to provide unlimited advantage to our customers and our associates.

Associated Companies:

Livingston & Haven: The leading industrial technology provider in the Southeast United States

Manufacturing & Services: Providing innovative engineering and design

MRO Stop: High-quality industrial parts for any system

American Engineering Group, Ltd.: Tanzania

American Engineering Group, Ltd., otherwise known as AEG, is the next step in Hyde Park Partners’ mission to provide innovative solutions to the global community. AEG provides the highest-quality engineering solutions and products to the country of Tanzania and to other countries in the African Great Lakes region.

We specialize in industrial technologies that improve efficiency with a focus in solar products and systems that improve quality of life. By providing these American quality products, we hope to build a strong, healthy and profitable business while also giving back to the communities that we work with.

AEG International, LLC: Further Global Expansion

AEG, Ltd. is now supported by a newly formed company named AEG International, LLC. AEG International provides engineering support to AEG, Ltd. and is 100% owned by Hyde Park Partners.