Solar Lighting

ThinLights Premium Lights

Thin-Lite LED Premium light fixtures are the newest and most energy efficient DC lights available. They are available in almost all of the same designs as the fluorescent fixtures but use a fraction of the power. LED fixtures are a little more expensive but there are no ballasts or bulbs to replace and they last for about 100,000 hours. If you kept the lights on for 24 hours a day, they would last a little over 11 years!


• Works with a wider range of voltage than the fluorescents
• Can powered with 8 to 30 volts DC
• Every model comes with a one touch switch which allows you to select between two different brightness levels.

Nokero Solar Lightbulbs
These bright LED solar light bulbs fit in the palm of your hand. They’re lead-free, rechargeable, recyclable batteries are powered by small, efficient solar panel.