Small Scale Systems


Gridless Power for your Home or Small Business

Tired of being in the dark? Are you paying for expensive electricity that is unreliable? No access to grid electricity? With a small scale solar system from AEG, you can reduce your dependence on the grid or have a completely independent off-grid solution for your home or small business. AEG can design a system for your specific needs – just let us know what you want to power and AEG will handle the rest. Using high-quality, made in USA components, our engineers will provide a system that will give you reliable power for years to come.




  • Power a range of appliances, from just a few lights to your whole home or office.
  • 50W up to 75 KW hybrid power plant
  • Self-contained systems
  • AEG solar can be used by itself or alongside existing grid power.

High Quaility

  • All systems that AEG installs are warrantied for 1 year.
  • All systems are designed for 5 year battery life.
  • Solar panels have 25 year manufacturer warranty.
Low Maintenance 

  • Once our qualified team of installers has set up your system, it will require virtually no maintenance over its lifespan. You have worry-free power for years to come

Environmentally Friendly

  • Diesel generators and kerosene lamps give off harmful smoke and exhaust that can damage your health and the environment. AEG solar power provides clean, renewable energy and improves your quality of life.


  • AEG small solar systems range from less than one kilowatt up to 70 kilowatts. Most systems can be expanded over time to produce more power if your needs grow. Please contact us for more information about expanding a system.