Firefly PAYG

PAYG is an exciting new evolution of AEG’s renown Firefly product. Customers who have Firefly have consistently applauded it’s quality and reliability. There are Firefly customers who have logged over 3 years of usage and the product continues to deliver.
PAYG brings access to Firefly’s life-enhancing quality lighting and phone charging features to those who cannot afford the one-time purchase price of Firefly. With PAYG, working through your local in-country supplier, you make a minimal downpayment. This provides access to the PAYG unit with some initial days of “on time”. When those days expire, you contact the local provider and purchase more days at a rate that is typically even less than you might spend now for inferior solutions like kerosene or candles. The provider gives you a secure code which you enter on the front of the PAYG unit and the unit reactivates for the number of days.